Hope & Healing after the Death of a Child

dennis-appleWriting saved my life.

Let me explain.  After the sudden death of our 18-year-old son, Denny on February 6, 1991, I journaled for almost 5 years, usually late at night while my wife lay beside me in bed, crying.  I was helpless to comfort her but I could write.  Writing down my unspeakable pain became my way of pouring out the anguish and heartbreak I experienced.  I have developed this website where other bereaved parents can share their journey as well as their child.   In addition, I will share some of the lessons my wife and I have learned on this journey we never intended to take.  As we share together, the old proverb will come true, “Sorrow shared is sorrow halved.” Someone has said, “Grievers need someone to stand with them in the thunder…..to watch the lightning…..and still believe in a rainbow.”  If you need someone to stand with you through the storm you are experiencing, maybe this is a place for you.


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There is an overpowering drive in us to keep the name of our child alive.  In addition, we want the stories about them to not be forgotten.