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Old Grief Speaks Part 2

By Adolfo Quezada Review by JW, 2019 A Grief Revisited: Weaving Loss into the Fabric of our Life Adolfo Quezada lost his son, Roberto, in a tragic accident in l982.  He wrote his poignant book Goodbye, My Son, Hello, three years later.  Thirty years later in...

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By Donna Jean Ryding...Jonnie's Mother Isn't Grief Just Grief? Old Grief. I've never thought of grief in the context of old vs new. Isn't grief just grief? My dear friend, Joni Woelfel, introduced me to old grief when she shared her very touching essay with me, now...

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Old Grief Speaks

     We were sitting in a Mexican restaurant, munching on chips and salsa when my friend caught my attention by saying something that peaked my curiosity, “You know something?” I nodded, wondering what he had on his mind, “Grievers know stuff that no one else...

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Perhaps you saw it too. For several days I have been following the news about the twelve young Thai boys, and their coach, who were trapped in a dark cave, nearly three miles from the entrance. The boys literally ran for their lives to escape the rising waters caused...

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            It happens every year.  It begins at Christmas and picks up speed when the New Year begins.  Off in the distance, I can see it coming…like the sail of a ship that is nearing the shore for the annual visit. Ignoring it doesn’t work.  With each passing day I...

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  I remember it very well. The year was 1990 and we were all together on Christmas eve. Buelah had prepared a special menu and the table set with her finest china, complete with a centerpiece that featured red candles. Our son’s eyes reflected the flickering candle...

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A few days ago, we arrived home from Orlando where we attended the annual TCF (The Compassionate Friends) conference along with other bereaved parents, grandparents and siblings from all over the world.   Buelah and I led two workshops and served on another, a panel...

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Next week, my wife and I will gather with several hundred bereaved parents in Orlando, Florida for the annual TCF, “The Compassionate Friends” conference.  We have been asked to serve on a panel with other bereaved parents. The theme:“As We Begin to Thaw.”  Dave and...

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A few years ago, my wife and I met Dave & Lora Krum. They had just lost their older son, Dylan at age 14. Then, barely two years later, their younger son, Gavin also died. These two young boys were their only children. I have asked Lora to be my guest for this...

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