Our Children Remembered

Dominic Woelfel

Dominic Forever, Always in Our Hearts 10-31-81 to 8-7-99 On August 7, l999, Dominic  Francis Woelfel (better known as Mic) died by suicide at the age of seventeen. From the time Mic was small, talking was his hobby---and the most serious thing he ever got into trouble...

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Dylan & Gavin Krum

Our sons, Dylan and Gavin, are the best thing that ever happened to us, and our lives have been so enriched by the privilege of being their parents. In experiencing the deaths of both of them, two years apart, our lives have been blown apart...twice. In May of 2010,...

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Denny Apple

Denny Apple Born March 1, 1972 | Died February 6, 1991 I can still recall the exact moment the nurse laid our newborn son on the white sheets of my wife’s bed in St. James Hospital, Chicago Heights, IL.  That is the moment when the full weight of this new...

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